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Cost effective

 One of the best ways to advertise your good or service is through SEO. Without having to invest a lot of money, it is a very effective method of reaching your target audience.

Wider audience reach

SEO makes it simple to connect with people throughout the world. With tailored communications, you may target clients in various geographic locations.

Personalized messages

You can use SEO to communicate with your target market using personalised messages. By doing so, you can establish a personal connection with them and gain their trust.

Increased brand awareness

SEO aids in the development of brand recognition for your good or service. This is crucial since it makes you stand out from the competition and promotes your goods or services to potential clients.

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 By offering our clients data-driven, result-driven SEO solutions, 7 SEO has developed into the most reputable internet marketing firm in Kerala.

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We have been selected as the top rated SEO company.

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Received the best SEO company of the year award.

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SEO Booster

SEO Booster

With the help of SEO Booster, you can carry out SEO duties such as Full Scanner, JSON-LD, Image Alt tags, Meta Title and Description, Sitemap, Google Analytics and Console, Broken Link Management, etc. It goes without saying that you focus heavily on SEO if you run an online store.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing is the use of social platforms and websites to promote a product or service.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is a strategic plan for attaining a business' objectives through an understanding of client needs and the development of a distinct and long-lasting competitive advantage.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

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Branding Identity

Branding Identity

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Branding Identity

Branding Identity

the identifying features of a brand that clients can see, such as its colour, design, and logo

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

leads to a significant improvement in the quality of Internet advertising offerings.

Web Development

Web Development

We guarantee you the creation and maintenance of your website as well as to make it look fantastic, function quickly, and provide a great user experience.

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Creative Solutions

we provide you the best creative ideas for the content in your website and ensure the best quality than any other's.


Digital Strategy

Receive a special report on SEO strategy that drives action right to your inbox. Be an implementor and grow your business by developing a solid SEO strategy.


General Questions

we will answer your queries and doubts.

  • When performing SEO, a website's content is prepared, keyword research is done, and inbound links are acquired to raise the content's ranking and the website's visibility.
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7SEO had done a website for me long time back. They did a great job then. And now too we had it totally redone.. Excellent work done. Very meticulous in their approach and they went about solving every customization requirement of ours with great speed and detail. They are a customers delight... highly recommended. I would like to add that , the guys are a friendly lot with a NEVER SAY NO attitude. Great job



We were looking for a smart professional website which stood out from the usual corporate fare. The product which 7SEO Soft delivered exceeded our expectations; they provided us with a distinctive and well built website”.

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7SEO has been a valuable web development company, they are extremely professional to work with, and their work displays their creative abilities and great attention to detail. They have exceeded my expectations when comes to their timely completion and delivery of web projects. I highly recommend them as a company for your web solutions and would be happy to work with them on future web project needs.